Where Founders Become CEOs

Join us in NYC on Saturday, October 6th for a day of transformative action.

The Founder identity is short-lived. Investors – and you will have them – want a different kind of leadership, or they’ll get a different kind of leader.

What do you sound, feel, and look like in the new paradigm? How do you solve problems, distribute power, and drive success for hundreds of people instead of just a few?

Ian and Chris created Founder Summit to illuminate the essential skills you need to consistently own and act upon to control your company’s future beyond the first stage. 

Alongside a select group of successful entrepreneurs, you will transform your outlook, character, and actions for long-term leadership, fast-tracking from Founder to CEO.

Watch the video above to learn more about Founder Summit.

Summit Leaders

Ian Jarvis

Ian Jarvis is a transformational leader with a 35-year track record of delivering results for startups and multinational firms across three continents.

Ian sold his last company to French multinational Penchiney/Alcan a decade ago and now consults to C suite executives in fields as varied as mobile, automotive, law and media, increasing his clients’ power to see the impact of every move and every word and to leverage that power for consistent success.

“Your job is to see the future. To do it, you need to understand that drives everything, and everything has its character: people, groups, firms, countries. See the game for what it is and there will be few surprises.”

Chris Sparks

Chris Sparks is a productivity multiplier for entrepreneurs, designing the habits and systems which optimize their performance and maximize their effectiveness to accelerate business growth and create personal freedom.

One of the former top 20 online poker players worldwide, Chris is currently obsessed with deconstructing, distilling, and translating the practices of top performers into techniques for deep work.

“There is, and only can be, only one #1 priority. Your level of output is completely determined by your ability to continually redirect your time, energy, and focus towards moving that #1 priority forward.”


How can I attend the next workshop?

Complete a short (5 min) application using the button below and, if selected, we will be in touch with more details.

Who else will be there?

A maximum of one dozen successful founders who we have selected and invited to join.

What is the cost to attend?

$525 for the full day of programming.

What is the schedule?

09:00 Breakfast / Welcome Session
10:00 The Anatomy of a Leader
11:30 Mastering the Habits of Effectiveness
13:00 Lunch – a nearby park, a catered spread
14:00 Creating a Problem-Solving Culture
15:30 Solving for Time, Focus, and Energy
17:00 Masterminds – actionable hot seats
18:00 Closing Session – lessons, takeaways, Q&A
19:00 Dinner – great restaurant, private room

What if I am unable to make it to the workshop on October 6th?

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What if I have other questions?

Email Chris at chris@theforcingfunction.com. Would love to hear how we can make this event a no-brainer for you.

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