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108: Don’t Forget to Treat Yo’ Self

March 19, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

Rewards — How to Reinforce Your Habits so That They Stick Previous: Behaviors — How to Make Your Habits Easier Rewards are the most overlooked piece of building habits. We all pick up new habits in anticipation of the “reward” of becoming a better, stronger, more disciplined version of ourselves. For habits, rewards have a slightly different meaning. These long-term benefits […]

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107: Behavior — Making Your Habits Easier

March 5, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

How to Eliminate Excuses Through Design Click for series introduction / table of contents. Previous: Triggers — The Key to Building and Breaking Habits Micro-Habits Habits are delicate in their infancy. In the early stages, building a new habit can be completely derailed by missing even one day. To increase our chances of success, we must stack the odds […]

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105: Why Habits Are More Important Than We Can Imagine

February 19, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

The only way to become effective is to fully internalize how much your habits drive what you do. Previous: Systems Thinking: The Essential Mental Models Needed for Growth Why Are Habits Important? Humans are, by our nature, creatures of habit. ~45% of our reported activities in a given day are habitual, performed automatically without much thought. Let this number sink […]

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A Guide to Getting Unstuck

October 26, 2017, Posted in Inflection Point by

Proven ways to get back on the horse… (and prevent yourself from falling off in the first place!) When our train is headed off the rails, how can we get ourselves back on the track? I will share some tested techniques for preventing yourself from getting unstuck as well as how to quickly intervene when it […]

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103: Framing Your Goals to Inspire Action

July 10, 2017, Posted in Inflection Point by

How to Write What You Want (So You Actually Get It!) Click on image to be taken to series introduction / table of contents. If you’ve spent any time reading about productivity, you have (no doubt) heard of SMART Goals. Like most productivity advice, SMART Goals are frequently prescribed but rarely implemented. Inquiries about goal setting […]

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101: There is No Growth Without Goals

June 6, 2017, Posted in Inflection Point by

A simple breakdown of why goals are critical to success. The most important, and most often neglected, skill for growth is introspection. Taking the time to look within yourself and decide what you really want is essential to success. This is where goals come in. For our purposes, let’s define a goal as your desired outcome or […]

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Inflection Point: A Practical Guide to Growth

May 24, 2017, Posted in Inflection Point by

Introducing my book, Inflection Point, which summarizes my personal approach to teaching productivity and self-improvement. [Jump to Table of Contents] It’s incredible how much I’ve learned since I started teaching productivity. When I started one year ago, I was on a quest to discover the core principles behind what makes a person prolific: capable of […]

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