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June 6, 2018, Posted in podcast by

My Interview with Tyler Wagner on The Business Blast Podcast Tyler Wagner and I got right after it with a rapid-fire 10 minute Q&A for The Business Blast Podcast. This short listen/read is packed with my biggest insights on how we can be more effective humans. Audio recording and links below (10m). Transcript to follow. Interview […]

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108: Don’t Forget to Treat Yo’ Self

March 19, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

Rewards — How to Reinforce Your Habits so That They Stick Previous: Behaviors — How to Make Your Habits Easier Rewards are the most overlooked piece of building habits. We all pick up new habits in anticipation of the “reward” of becoming a better, stronger, more disciplined version of ourselves. For habits, rewards have a slightly different meaning. These long-term benefits […]

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107: Behavior — Making Your Habits Easier

March 5, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

How to Eliminate Excuses Through Design Click for series introduction / table of contents. Previous: Triggers — The Key to Building and Breaking Habits Micro-Habits Habits are delicate in their infancy. In the early stages, building a new habit can be completely derailed by missing even one day. To increase our chances of success, we must stack the odds […]

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My Interview on the ManTalks Podcast

March 1, 2018, Posted in podcast by

A Guide to Productivity with Connor Beaton from ManTalks I was fortunate enough to have a really deep conversation with Connor Beaton on the ManTalks podcast where I distilled some universal principles about productivity I have discovered during my work with entrepreneurs. Here are some of my favorite topics we dive into: What I did when I […]

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105: Why Habits Are More Important Than We Can Imagine

February 19, 2018, Posted in Inflection Point by

The only way to become effective is to fully internalize how much your habits drive what you do. Previous: Systems Thinking: The Essential Mental Models Needed for Growth Why Are Habits Important? Humans are, by our nature, creatures of habit. ~45% of our reported activities in a given day are habitual, performed automatically without much thought. Let this number sink […]

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The Best of What I Read in 2017

January 30, 2018, Posted in reading by

25 Books and Articles Which Changed the Way I See The World Top 15 Books of 2017 I think the most efficient way to transfer information from one person to another is to give a book title. With a brief summary, I hope to share just enough to inspire you to go to the source. [Full 2017 […]

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Interview on the Today’s Business Leaders Podcast

January 23, 2018, Posted in podcast by

Manufacturing Urgency and How to Succeed as an Entrepreneur Check out my new interview with Gabe Arnold on the Today’s Business Leaders podcast. A few how-to highlights: Making sure you’re always at the right table (in poker and your business) Making rapid-fire decisions using expected value Tightening your feedback loops to increase your implementation speed […]

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2018 Goals

January 22, 2018, Posted in goals by

Sharing what I hope to accomplish to increase odds of success. This is a follow-up to my 2017 Goals and my 2017 Annual Review. The Forcing Function Hire a Program Manager (Q2) Finish editing Inflection Point and publish on Amazon (Monthly) Onboard two new coaching clients (Monthly) Offer one high-impact scholarship (Monthly) Press “Publish” button on Medium twice (Monthly) Featured […]

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