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Official Bio

Chris is a business coach for top performing entrepreneurs, helping them build the systems and habits to maximize their time, energy, and focus towards building their business and designing their personal lives. He regularly writes about personal effectiveness and transformation on his blog and leads workshops to organizations about productivity. As a former professional poker player, he was ranked as one of the top 20 online players in the world. As a growth marketer, he successfully helped several early-stage startups reach scale through analytics optimization and cross-channel customer development. In his spare time, Chris loves traveling, photography, and comedy — visiting 65 countries and performing at the Magnet Theater and the Comedy Cellar in NYC.

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What I’m Up to Now

  • I work with a select number of entrepreneurs and high stakes poker players, helping them build systems to improve personal productivity.
  • I am publishing my ultimate guide to productivity entitled “Inflection Point”.  New chapters added weekly to my blog on Medium.  Sign up for my newsletter below to receive my latest posts.
  • I am hiring a Program Manager to help grow and systematize my coaching business. Check out the job description and apply or send the post to friends who might be interested!
  • I read… a lot.  Primary areas of study include evolutionary psychology, sociology, anthropology, neuroscience, complexity, philosophy, and futurism.  I update books completed on my Reading List page and send out my favorite articles of the month to my newsletter.
  • I lead workshops for businesses and organizations about productivity.  Past workshop topics have included habit building, decision making, prioritization, workflow design, and day structuring for optimal focus.  If you are interested in having me as a speaker, you can reach out via my contact page.
  • My goal is to be on 25 podcasts this year.  If you have an engaged audience of entrepreneurs and are looking for an interesting and insightful guest, I would love to hear from you.
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Graduated from Ohio State, studied consumer behavior. I obsess over how humans form beliefs and how these beliefs affect decision-making in subtle and surprising ways.

For a long time, my career goal was to make television commercials which led me to work in brand advertising on both the client and account management sides.

After realizing I was a poor fit for the slow-paced and risk-averse corporate world, I turned my attention to startups where I worked in three marketing roles and consulted in my spare time for several more.

I loved accelerating the search for elusive product-market fit through building out custom analytics to better understand the customer, testing various acquisition channels to gain their attention, and constantly attempting to improve their on-site experience.

Online Poker Pro

Played poker professionally for four years. What started as a lucrative hobby during university became my full-time focus as I moved from small buy-in tournaments to playing against the best players in the world at the highest limits available both online and in person all around the world.

All told, I played over one million hands in my career (regularly over 1000 hands per hour in simultaneous online games) and was ranked in the top 20 all-time winners in online poker cash game history.

Meanwhile, I built a thriving poker coaching business where I worked extensively with over 100 players and was widely considered the leading coach within my market. I was constantly on the lookout for up and coming talent and directly invested in 25 players to help them reach the next level in their careers, with a 85% success rate.


After I retired from poker, I decided to tackle many of the items on my “bucket list” through an around the world backpacking trip, visiting 50 different countries over two years. I climbed glaciers, trekked mountains, explored the Amazon, traversed deserts, and cycled between rural villages. I participated in dozens of festivals of all shapes and sizes.

It was the time of my life and the fastest I have ever grown. I came back a different person — wiser, humbler, and more resilient. I now have a much better understanding of what constitutes humanity (although I learn more every day) and what truly matters in this world.